Scouting for Food 2017

20 NOV 2017 | BY ERIC J. WORST

Scouting for Food 2017

Here are our results:

4,518 units of food were collected!

That’s over 3,600 pounds of food!

That’s nearly 500 more units of food from last year…and nearly 1,500 more units of food over 2 years ago! Can you imagine the numbers we could have done if we had 100% participation?

This will help supplement the food supply for HUNDREDS of families through the holiday season. MANY people are grateful and will benefit from the work we did the past two weekends!!

To the parents, scouts and siblings that took the time to hand out and collect bags (On behalf Pack 45 Leadership) we THANK YOU for your efforts and we look forward to breaking the record again next year.

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